Real buildings printed in 3D? Where else than Dubai

As usual , Dubai will distinguish itself with its architecture. This time, not by height or design of one of its new skyscrapers, but by the construction of several office units entirely printed in 3D.


These buildings will have the prefabricated luxury appearance, attached to each other to allow the proposed larger spaces. 3D printing made ​​by a 6 meters high 3D printer, does not in fact allow any architectural fantasies.


The advantage of using this technique? Except to once again put Dubai in the spotlight, printing a 3D building reduces to a minimum of half the construction cost as well as reducing the time of building it. Moreover, this technology is particularly environmentally friendly with usage of less than 80% of building materials.


These buildings will initially host an exhibition ( on 3D printed objects, of course) and will be converted into offices afterwards. When will such objects in our Quebec cityscape ?

Source : http://rt.com/news/270823-dubai-3d-printed-building/

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