The Story of the Little Blue Box

On January 10th, 1996, Francis Lessard, architect but mostly a bold entrepreneur, put all his hopes, ambitions and savings in this little blue box, the SGI computer – Silicon Graphics, hard-won for the amount of 27,000$. This little gem could create -back then- workstations dedicated to the fields of computer graphics, 3D, video processing and even High Performance Computing (HPC). A revolution was truly underway…

That’s how Graph Architecture Inc. was born 21 years ago on this very day. But you may know it better as Graph Synergie.

It’s thanks to Francis and all of his efforts, his contagious leadership, his bold vision, his steadfast commitment with his clients and his everlasting emphasis on excellence, that Graph is where it is today: 2,600 projects all around the world.

21 years of Graph Synergie, it’s also 21 happy, motivated and dedicated employees, who are here to help their president achieve his greatest ambitions.

Dear Francis, we are proud to help you and we want to say Thank you!

Your team who loves you 😉

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