Unveiling of the new version of Quebec City’s « Le Phare » project

Québec City, November 15th, 2016 – Our team of designers had the privilege to give life to the new version of the “Le Phare” 2.0 project with a video and image presentation given by Mr. Michel Dallaire, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Dallaire.  

“We had the privilege to come early into the project and sit down with Groupe Dallaire and the top professionals from Alpha Architecture and Gensler. Being able to share our vision and compare our ideas was rewarding and stimulating, and we all feel really proud with the unveiling of this ambitious project”, says Francis Lessard, President of Graph Synergie.

The new version of the project transcends the economic vision: it’s a living, creative and prosperous environment created and dedicated to the citizens. Come dream with us by viewing the images created by our team: Watch the video ” Le Phare”

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