Visit the 2017 edition of the “Maison de la Fondation Maurice Tanguay”!

Quebec City, November 30th, 2016 – Graph Synergie is proud to work for the tenth year in a row, hand in hand with the “Maison de la Fondation Maurice Tanguay” for handicapped children – Novoclimat 2.0. This privilege is renewed in order to put all of our artistic and technological expertise in the service of such a great cause, especially for people with such an incredible heart.

Thanks to a 3D tour, available on any devices, you will be able to imagine yourself living in this fabulous home, touring every room one at a time. Once again this year, the house is quite beautiful and filled with exceptional innovations.

Graph Synergie’s real estate marketing expertise tremendously helps the Maurice Tanguay Foundation with this fund raising. Available and accessible to everyone in the Quebec area, the virtual 3D experience tested by the visitors lets you dream and helps to promote ticket sales.

Furthermore, by getting all partners to work together, it really becomes a mobilizing project we are all very proud of.

Go to http://www.maisontanguay.com and buy your tickets online today!

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