Because one picture is worth 1000 words

Because one picture is worth 1000 words

About us

Our mission at Graph Synergy: to be the CUSTODIAN OF THE BRAND for every project entrusted to us.


About Us

Based on our one-of-a-kind know-how and our 3D solutions, Graph Synergy designs, transmits, visualizes and manages the brand image for its various projects.

Whether in architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, property development or patrimony, we harness the power and potential of 3D technologies to deliver our creative and technical expertise.

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The Process

Designing immersive and consistent experiences for global brands in all possible aspects.

Bringing together under one roof one of the most multidisciplinary and creative teams in the world.


Solutions designed to sell, to manage, to view, to communicate and to act alongside your products in effectively managing your image and your property brand.


We provide owners, developers and real estate managers with top end marketing solutions which are creative and results-based. Stakeholders in residential real estate, whether commercial or sales offices, economic development, cites and municipalities, transportation, defence and security…

Graphi-iVIEW is an application for 3D viewing in real time that enables promoters and developers to interact, to localize projects and equipment and distribute them over a territory, to visualize their project within the city context and to measure the impacts already during the design phase.

About us
About us

Avoid the pandemonium project organization and start-up can generate right from its geolocation through to the interior features of its units. Choose rather the versatility of Graph-iMANAGE.

Our interactive Graph-iTOUCH solution improves your spaces and improves, at the same time, the user experience through the efficient integration of a touchscreen, our movement capturing technologies and our real-time panoramic viewing tools to immerse visitors in the magic of a world in movement.

About us
A PROJECT IN MIND? Let’s attack it together! It all starts here... A PROJECT IN MIND?

Synchronized water jets, fireworks, concert lighting, giant-screen projection on a building face are just a few examples of the efficient use of this solution. Don’t take chances with your special effects; choose solid, proven solutions and a pragmatic, reliable approach with Graph-iMOTION.

About us
About us

With Graph-iCAPTURE, you can replace artificially manipulated characters with those whose natural movements have been directly captured in the studio at our offices. The sky is the limit for realistic and creative movement; all the life scenes imaginable can henceforth be integrated into your projects!

Do you need to document the present situation in order to plan for future developments? 3D digitalization enables you to take the exact measurements of a site so as to produce accurate technical documents and communication tools. Combine together the survey details, the architectural and structural record with the urban planning documentation in one single summary by means of iSCAN.

About us


In its 20 years of operation, Graph Synergy has successfully completed more than 2500 projects across the planet! Find here, a sample selection of achievements highlighting the wealth of our expertise.
About us
Graph Synergy (originally Graph Architecture) was founded in 1996. From the outset, it was a pioneer in the application of new simulation technologies in the areas of architecture and real estate.


Synergy is a phenomenon where several factors or types of influence working together create an effect which is greater than the sum of the expected results if they had acted independently of one another.

Our G Factor

Our team

A multidisciplinary multidisciplinary team made up of architects, 3D artists, communicators, programmers, video editors…

At your service!

Francis Lessard


David Bourassa

Creative Vice-president

Charles-Antoine Lavoie

Production Vice-president

Julien de Denaro

Marketing Vice-president

Francois Baron

Vice-president, Montreal Office

Andréanne Pouliot

Artistic director

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Years of experience, thousands of projects, evolving and innovative know-how that brings with it the reward of client satisfaction.
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